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Apple Maps, digital map application "making problem" again. Having previously had a life threatening, Apple Maps is now re-branded "dangerous" after not being able to show accurate location where forest fires in the region of Victoria, Australia.

This was revealed directly by the Country Fire Authority (CFA), an organization for the volunteer fire department and the community in Victoria.

Quoted from Phone Arena, Thursday (02/14/2031), previously, the organization has released an application called FireReady. Through the application that uses map data from Apple Maps, users can report and view the location of wildfires in the state of Victoria.

Unfortunately, Apple Maps is not able to supply an accurate map data for this FireReady.

"Macedon (one city in Victoria) and several cities in the state of Victoria the other was not in the right location on the map application," said the firefighter.

When reports of a fire, firefighters also failed towards the right location for this map is not accurate.

In addition, there are many other complaints related to application-based FireReady the Apple Maps. One of them, Apple Maps does not always indicate the name of a city or region, making it difficult for its users find the location of fires.

CFA himself revealed this incident has been reported directly to Apple Australia.

Before the problem is resolved, the CFA recommends that people use more than one source to find information on the Victorian fires. In addition, users can search for information through the official website of CFA. In these sites, CFA use maps from Google, Google Maps.


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