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0 iOS 6.1.1 iPhone Make Batteries Improvident?

Apple released iOS 6.1.1 update is specifically for the iPhone 4S bug related cellular connection. However, the update seems it brings other problems.

At least that is complained of a number of smartphone users in a discussion thread on the Apple Support Communities.

As quoted from Cnet, users of the iPhone 4S is commonly voiced complaints about the decline in battery performance that was allegedly caused by iOS update to version 6.1.1.

There are also responded by saying that the battery problem is common in every iOS update. The measures suggested are reset smartphone twice, then be restored.

But some users reported battery problems persist despite wasteful done the steps above.

Previously, Apple released an update to iOS version 6.1 many new iOS devices including the iPad, iPad mini, and iPhone 4S.

Not long afterward, iOS 6.1 was found to contain a number of bugs. Among other things, make the device unable to synchronize with Microsoft Exchange e-mail and create a password vulnerable burglarized a few easy steps.
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0 Apple can not use the IPhone trademark in Samba District

Regulator copyrights and patents Brazil decided Apple can not use the iPhone trademark in Samba District, Wednesday (02/13/2013). IPhone is a trademark owned by the local Brazilian companies also produce mobile phones.

The electronics company is Gradiente Electronica SA, which has exclusive rights first iPhone trademark in Brazil since 2008.

Apple predicted to not remain silent and will oppose the decision. However, a spokesman for Apple in the United States was reluctant to comment on the issue.

Long before Apple market the iPhone in 2007, Gradiente Electronica has filed a trademark registration IPhone Institute of Intellectual Property in Brazil (National Institute of Industrial Property / INPI) in 2000. The company officially get the brand on January 2, 2008 and will manufacture and market the brand in 2018.

They did not immediately put the iPhone brand as being focused on restructuring the organization for continued efforts hampered due to financial problems.

Gradiente Electronica released a series of iPhone smart phone brand Neo One in mid-December 2012. This mobile phone operating system Android. In addition to phones, Gradiente claim one of the first to start a business CD, DVD, and has other interests in TV and video games.

IPhone and iPad trademark dispute

Previous Apple patent dispute related to legal issues with the company's iPhone trademark and service provider of computer networks for the corporate segment, Cisco Systems.

Cisco sued Apple after the iPhone was introduced in the Macworld conference in January 2007. Cisco said Apple approached the company network device several times to negotiate. Both agreed terms in February 2007.

IPad is a trademark name for a tablet computer Apple also had trouble in China since 2010. Proview Technology from Taiwan, who opened the factory and have the iPad trademark in China, sued over iPad trademark and asking Apple to pay cash compensation.

In 1998, Proview began developing computer type All-in-One PC called iPad, stands for Personal Internet Access Device. Proview iPad goes on sale in 2000, ten years earlier than the Apple iPad tablet.

After passing through various legal proceedings and negotiations, the two companies eventually reconciled and Apple to pay 60 million dollars (or approximately USD 560 billion) to "liberate" the name iPad.
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0 Apple Maps

Apple Maps, digital map application "making problem" again. Having previously had a life threatening, Apple Maps is now re-branded "dangerous" after not being able to show accurate location where forest fires in the region of Victoria, Australia.

This was revealed directly by the Country Fire Authority (CFA), an organization for the volunteer fire department and the community in Victoria.

Quoted from Phone Arena, Thursday (02/14/2031), previously, the organization has released an application called FireReady. Through the application that uses map data from Apple Maps, users can report and view the location of wildfires in the state of Victoria.

Unfortunately, Apple Maps is not able to supply an accurate map data for this FireReady.

"Macedon (one city in Victoria) and several cities in the state of Victoria the other was not in the right location on the map application," said the firefighter.

When reports of a fire, firefighters also failed towards the right location for this map is not accurate.

In addition, there are many other complaints related to application-based FireReady the Apple Maps. One of them, Apple Maps does not always indicate the name of a city or region, making it difficult for its users find the location of fires.

CFA himself revealed this incident has been reported directly to Apple Australia.

Before the problem is resolved, the CFA recommends that people use more than one source to find information on the Victorian fires. In addition, users can search for information through the official website of CFA. In these sites, CFA use maps from Google, Google Maps.
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0 Rumor: iPhone 5S Use Fingerprint Sensor

Rumor: iPhone 5S Use Fingerprint Sensor. Rumors about the iPhone version iPhone 5S or call re-circulated. This time, the latest iPhone is rumored to be using fingerprint recognition sensor will be placed on the Home button.

The latest rumor comes from Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst at KGI Securities.

Quoted from Ubergizmo, Friday (18/01/2013), the purpose of the application of this feature is quite simple, namely to increase the security of various applications on the iOS, such as Passbook.

For the record, Passbook is a feature found on your iPhone with iOS 6. This feature allows the user to gain access in one place, such as a boarding pass, rewards cards, movie tickets, and other things that can be done with a mobile barcode.

Sensor fingerprint recognition is likely to be held for the authentication process so that not just the use of existing applications.

In addition, the fingerprint sensor is likely to be used by consumers to unlock iPhone screen phones.

Kuo also predicts that the iPhone 5S will be launched in 2013.

Kuo himself is quite well known for some time to provide precise predictions related to new Apple products.

He had guessed right, Apple will stop production of 17-inch MacBook Pro.

In addition, he also became the first to report that Apple will use the technology in the new cell-to make the latest iPhone thinner.
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0 Six Signs that Overcast iPhone

Six Signs that Overcast iPhone. Although it carries a number of updates, the iPhone 5, which Apple released last September does not look much different from its predecessor.

The news that smartphone sales is not as expected even creating fears among investors that Apple could lower the price of the company's stock.

Is Apple has lost its magic as when under the late Steve Jobs first?

The successor to the iPhone 5 following a cheap version of the iPhone is rumored to be sliding this summer. But maybe when the iPhone is not interesting anymore. Here's why, as quoted from Cnet:

1. iOS began boring

Amid skyrocketing popularity of Android and the appearance of Windows Phone 8, the mobile operating system of Apple's iOS is starting to look worn. While Apple's iOS cannot arbitrarily change without angered millions of loyal users.

Could this operating system re-revolutionize the mobile world, as he did through the first-generation iPhone first?

2. Combo Samsung and Android increasingly deadly

Incursions news, reviews, and positive information about the devices made by Samsung, Apple rivals, giving a fresh breeze for the popularity of the company's country of origin ginseng.

In fact, devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S IV was widely reported before it actually appears that creating a sensation, similar to those normally generated by Apple products.

3. Apple is no longer Apple's first

Tim Cook did manage to run a giant company with a good, but his style looks different to Steve Jobs.

Apple no longer dictate to consumers about what goods should they want, such as the time Steve Jobs. Instead, Apple is now inclined to give what is desired by consumers.

Examples like the first iPad Mini would not be made by SteveJobs. When will there really cheap version of the iPhone, then Apple will increasingly deviated from its track far.

4. Young people no longer think of Apple's "cool"

Once the iPhone is widely used by adults, then there goes the charm of this device in the eyes of young people. In fact, a survey reported by Forbes shows that the title of "cool" is surprisingly already starting to switch to Windows Phone devices.

5. Apple Product prices beyond the reach of many pockets

Most of Apple's success was built through expansion into the global market, but in many parts of the world, Apple products are still too expensive for most consumers.

Meanwhile, competitors such as Android devices Apple managed to catch while offering more price friendly bags.

6. The loss of "The Wow Factor"

That is, the usual fanfare generated by Apple's products when it appeared carrying tremendous innovation. For example, like the iPhone and the iPad when it was first introduced and immediately invite admiration from around the world.

As one of the latest innovations, even though Siri did not leave a deep impression. Only a small increase for the small increase by Apple, while Android is increasingly threatening.

Well, if the iPhone 6 will be able to revive enthusiasm for Apple products, or the device will only appear mediocre and disappointing?
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0 Apple Has Left Behind

Apple Has Left Behind. Maintaining greatness seems more difficult than achieving it. That is feared Steve Wozniak, who with his friend, Steve Jobs founded Apple in the decade of the '70s.

The reason, Wozniak started Apple was lagging behind its competitors in terms of features embedded in smartphones. "Right now I think (Apple) a little behind," he said, as quoted by Cnet from Apple Insider.

He added that Apple's competitors are able to pursue the company about the quality of the product. "Samsung is an example of a great competitor, as they currently can spawn great products."

Man nicknamed Woz is a little "denied" in his own words when put forward any reason to buy Apple gadgets.

"I'm not going to stand in the queue when Apple make products that are not good," he said.

Woz did not specify exactly what he thought was a nice feature of the smartphone competitors Apple, Galaxy S III for example.

Perhaps like many other users, Woz would like to see a new breakthrough from Apple that lately not much produce remarkable innovations like the old days.

"I am proud that Apple has a lot of loyal fans. But loyalty is not something that can be obtained with it. Need for the best products remain," said Woz.

Before this, Woz had expressed disappointment over Apple's judged to be arrogant to impose on the consumer product designs.
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0 Cheap iPhone Use Qualcomm Processor?

Cheap iPhone Use Qualcomm Processor? Apple continues buffeted by rumors about plans for the manufacture of smart phone products cheap price. The latest news came, the smart phone will use Qualcomm's Snapdragon processor at a cheaper price than the processor in the new iPhone.

Analysts at research institutions Detwiler Fenton got the information from the supplier, stating that Apple is working on new products for the lower middle market. Well, the product will use Snapdragon processor which is used in mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets.

If the product is a cheap version of the iPhone, of course, the quality of the graphics and video support will be distinguished with the current iPhone to the premium segment. The difference seems to also be happening on the screen, the most expensive component in the iPhone now.

By using Snapdragon processor, according to Detwiler Fenton, Apple could lower production costs because Snapdragon has been integrated with the modem, Bluetooth chip and WiFi.

"This is a reasonable strategy," wrote an analyst at Detwiler Fenton as quoted by Forbes. "Qualcomm Snapdragon should secure design in the iPhone cheaper, this will be a big win for the business relationship with Apple, which is not limited to the modem alone."

By equipping the Snapdragon processor in the iPhone version of cheap, Qualcomm is expected to make a profit of about 10 to 15 dollars per phone.

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