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Six Signs that Overcast iPhone

Six Signs that Overcast iPhone. Although it carries a number of updates, the iPhone 5, which Apple released last September does not look much different from its predecessor.

The news that smartphone sales is not as expected even creating fears among investors that Apple could lower the price of the company's stock.

Is Apple has lost its magic as when under the late Steve Jobs first?

The successor to the iPhone 5 following a cheap version of the iPhone is rumored to be sliding this summer. But maybe when the iPhone is not interesting anymore. Here's why, as quoted from Cnet:

1. iOS began boring

Amid skyrocketing popularity of Android and the appearance of Windows Phone 8, the mobile operating system of Apple's iOS is starting to look worn. While Apple's iOS cannot arbitrarily change without angered millions of loyal users.

Could this operating system re-revolutionize the mobile world, as he did through the first-generation iPhone first?

2. Combo Samsung and Android increasingly deadly

Incursions news, reviews, and positive information about the devices made by Samsung, Apple rivals, giving a fresh breeze for the popularity of the company's country of origin ginseng.

In fact, devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S IV was widely reported before it actually appears that creating a sensation, similar to those normally generated by Apple products.

3. Apple is no longer Apple's first

Tim Cook did manage to run a giant company with a good, but his style looks different to Steve Jobs.

Apple no longer dictate to consumers about what goods should they want, such as the time Steve Jobs. Instead, Apple is now inclined to give what is desired by consumers.

Examples like the first iPad Mini would not be made by SteveJobs. When will there really cheap version of the iPhone, then Apple will increasingly deviated from its track far.

4. Young people no longer think of Apple's "cool"

Once the iPhone is widely used by adults, then there goes the charm of this device in the eyes of young people. In fact, a survey reported by Forbes shows that the title of "cool" is surprisingly already starting to switch to Windows Phone devices.

5. Apple Product prices beyond the reach of many pockets

Most of Apple's success was built through expansion into the global market, but in many parts of the world, Apple products are still too expensive for most consumers.

Meanwhile, competitors such as Android devices Apple managed to catch while offering more price friendly bags.

6. The loss of "The Wow Factor"

That is, the usual fanfare generated by Apple's products when it appeared carrying tremendous innovation. For example, like the iPhone and the iPad when it was first introduced and immediately invite admiration from around the world.

As one of the latest innovations, even though Siri did not leave a deep impression. Only a small increase for the small increase by Apple, while Android is increasingly threatening.

Well, if the iPhone 6 will be able to revive enthusiasm for Apple products, or the device will only appear mediocre and disappointing?


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