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Apple Has Left Behind

Apple Has Left Behind. Maintaining greatness seems more difficult than achieving it. That is feared Steve Wozniak, who with his friend, Steve Jobs founded Apple in the decade of the '70s.

The reason, Wozniak started Apple was lagging behind its competitors in terms of features embedded in smartphones. "Right now I think (Apple) a little behind," he said, as quoted by Cnet from Apple Insider.

He added that Apple's competitors are able to pursue the company about the quality of the product. "Samsung is an example of a great competitor, as they currently can spawn great products."

Man nicknamed Woz is a little "denied" in his own words when put forward any reason to buy Apple gadgets.

"I'm not going to stand in the queue when Apple make products that are not good," he said.

Woz did not specify exactly what he thought was a nice feature of the smartphone competitors Apple, Galaxy S III for example.

Perhaps like many other users, Woz would like to see a new breakthrough from Apple that lately not much produce remarkable innovations like the old days.

"I am proud that Apple has a lot of loyal fans. But loyalty is not something that can be obtained with it. Need for the best products remain," said Woz.

Before this, Woz had expressed disappointment over Apple's judged to be arrogant to impose on the consumer product designs.


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